Centraal beheer – Dent of the day

Above you see the Tag on for a commercial in which a care gets stuck on the train track because they are being closed in by a flock of sheep.

This insurance company wanted to make car insurance less about accidents and more about humans.
But how can you experience this? Car accident, even the small ones, are hardly fun to talk about.
Even worse, the dents and scratches can be repaired, but who takes care of the driver? And his ‘mental dent’? That’s why we made a campaign to make this insurance company the first to repair the damage done to the driver. Instead of being insecure and uneasy about their little accident, we invited drivers to upload their stories so we could transfer it into a fun car-toon! Afterwards this cartoon could be shared through social media. A famous DJ even confessed his little accident on national radio! In the newspapers we used the (car related) news as our source of inspiration with a respons as soon as the next day!

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