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Coca Cola Zero – Taste life as it should be

Coca Cola ZERO wanted to show man life s it should be.
Commercials showed a world filled with extreme man stuff such as snakes, explosions and beautiful women.
But what good is it if you can only look at it but not be experienced?
That’s why through secret instructions you are sent to places where it actually takes place.

“experience life as it should be’

Examples are :
-the car wash : Looks like an ordinary car wash through the sticker on the door but actually is a place
where hot women soap your car until it shines!
-the coke machine: the coke machine opens through pressing the right number code and is the entrance to a Coyote Ugly-like bar!
-the cinema: entrance through the backdoor using a special code. Besides clips from different action movies there’s also live action by actors, explosions guns and girls!

unfortunately this concept is only partially executed.