Tong Len – photoshoot slum India

Tong Len Slum Shoot


Tong Len is a Tibetan organization which is trying to help people of the lowest casts in India.
These people live in makeshift tents in a riverbedding and near a dump.
Their sitiuation has improved drastically after a school and freshwater installations have been built.
There are showers and medical support as well.

These pictures are for a report , offered to His holiness the Dalai Lama
about the improvements and will serve as a model for future help in other slums.


Although the conditions of these people are the worst I have seen, most of them seemed genuinely happy. Probably because they could see that someone cared. The limited supply of clean water and regular health support are just a start. If the report, and my pictures, do it’s work, there should be more for them in the future to be happy about.