Client: Rustique
Services: Branding

Losing will to work

Most Dutch employees only need one thing to kick of a day of hard labour: Good coffee. This cup of black liquid gold is the true wake up call. Forget about alarm clocks, showers and all that nonsense. At those moments they are basically still zombies wandering the streets on auto pilot. 

No, that one cup of black aromatic booster is the one and only kick starter. At least, it should be. 

In a Lot of companies the coffee that is served is simply horrible. Imagine having to survive a day like that. That’s hardly good for productivity. Therefore we created a campaign for Douwe Egberts to provide tools to the employees. These tools were not-so-subtle hints that their productivity was at stake to the boss. 

The decision maker received a petition and some warning signs and on top of that an amazing offer as well. So it was definitely a win-win. The boss gets a discount, is the hero of the company, the employees are happy and work according to their capacity.