Client: Rustique
Services: Branding

Sing along

Coca Cola was the proud sponsor of an annually reoccurring phenomenon, radio 3FM Serious Request. A couple of DJ’s in a glass box without any food will play songs, on request for money. This way they raise both awareness and a huge amount for charity.


Coca Cola however wanted to be part of it rather than just make it possible. So we came up with a campaign which made everybody happy. A sing along. Together with Dutch Singer Dennis we created a christmas song with the characteristic Coke tune in there and we urged people to sing along by calling a special phone number or use an online option. This would cost some money, however it would go to charity. After doing so the voices would all be added to the chorus of the song. All the more reason to request ‘your own’ song and raise mor money and exposure for Coca cola alike. Finally you could all purchase the song, turning it into a gold record.