During Serious request, an initiative of radio 3FM in order to collect money for a good cause by have people pay for song requests, Coca Cola was sponsor. However, Just giving money does not generate a lot of publicity or likability if you are one of many.


We had to make sure that Coca Cola would stand out and join the mission rather than just support it.

What did we do?

We had popular artist Dennis record a Christmas song with the Coca Cola theme woven in there. However, the chorus required a choir. And you could be in it. Simply call a phone number, do a practice run and record! This way you did not only contribute to the song but also to the cause, since the money it cost to make the call was your donation.

Furthermore you could request the song to be played, with your voice on it, on the radio and purchase it on iTunes. 

It even went gold! And Coca cola doubled the amount.

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How did it work?

1 call 09098668

People would hear a menu. This would guide them through the steps from practicing the lyrics to actually recording.

2 mixing the vocals

The voices were combined and mixed and added to the song.

3 request the song

People could request their song to be played on the radio.

4 download it

Listen to the song with your voce on it as much as you like!

360 campaign

radio commercial

Two versions.

Kindergarten teacher ‘working from home’.


Online scan.

Empower employees.


Coffee inspection.

Sketches about bad coffee.


War on bad coffee.

Stickers ribbon and card.


More than 12.500 voices were recorded and over 25.00 song had been sold, turning the record gold. 

Over 110.000 euro was donated this way and there was a staggering amount of free publicity worth over 400.000 euro in a mere two weeks.

Jorn Schakenraad

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