De Friesland Insurance company has, in contrary to most others, top customer service. However, people don’t know or believe this.


It was up to us to make sure that people would not only hear it from us, but also experience it themselves.

What did we do?


In a campaign we told the general public about the promises De Friesland made and the things they would do in case they break them. Everyone in the Netherlands could put them to the test. Luckily only 3 people broke their promises….just. But they did their chores anyway, to make up for it. Speaking of good customer service.

Call center employee


iron expert?
De Friesland promise:

I will help you change from insurance company within one call...

Or else I will iron you laundry.

and some more examples:

I will help you prepare 3 insurance companies or else..

I will help you decorate for Christmas.

I will answer your question in one call or...

I will cook you a meal.

I will help you move from insurance company in 10 minutes or else...

I will wash your car.

Jorn Schakenraad

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