Story telling


Many companies have problems conveying their story to others without making it sound like a sales pitch. Whilst their story might be sincere, it is hard to make it actually tell it that way.



Story telling is a way to highlight a certain selection of the project, case or product in a believable  way. A mini documentary if you will.

What did we do?


For companies such as Heijmans and especially specific projects, we made mini documentaries which highlight certain decisions within the project in a more real way than simply listing it a a USP. 

example video's

The these three videos  highlight a little detail of a very longterm plan to communicate about a new housing project. Houses are  just a small part of the elaborate plan. These two videos are explaining, in documentary form, the passion and ideas behind the natural development of the gardens, communal areas and connection to the bordering nature reserve.


While more and more people get their information from influencers, the internet and social media, it is harder to be believable as a brand.

The perception of the general public is that ‘they decide what is good, real, important’ and not the companies selling things. 

As a tool, storytelling adds significant value to the perception of customers and can be a valuable addition. In a timeline different concept can alternately be presented in order to be present frequently and consistently.

Jorn Schakenraad

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