Story telling


Many companies have problems conveying their story to others without making it sound like a sales pitch. Whilst their story might be sincere, it is hard to make it actually tell it that way.



Story telling is a way to highlight a certain selection of the project, case or product in a believable  way. A mini documentary if you will.

What did we do?


For companies such as Heijmans and especially specific projects, we made mini documentaries which highlight certain decisions within the project in a more real way than simply listing it a a USP. 

example video's

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While more and more people get their information from influencers, the internet and social media, it is harder to be believable as a brand.

The perception of the general public is that ‘they decide what is good, real, important’ and not the companies selling things. 

As a tool, storytelling adds significant value to the perception of customers and can be a valuable addition.

Job applications
People who never thought of working in the care sector applied.
Perception change
People realized that working in the sector does not always require a medical background.
More visitors website
Considerably more people looked at the job opening website.

Douwe Egberts ‘Danger for productivity’

Douwe Egberts ‘Danger for productivity’