Helinox Influencer



Helinox has really wel made, light weight hiking gear but despite the many design awards it won, it did not have a fanbase. 


Appeal to campers, in Korea it’s more of a young people life style, by using an influencer.

What did we do?

With celeb. Paeka we went to the US. On his photo trip we shot several short teaser video’s in different conditions showcasing Helinox gear. He shared it on social media and thereby expanding the fanbase of Helinox.

Afterwards people who liked the posts were hand selected to visit the rather exclusive exhibition.


The  sponsor-deal was successful both in online views, number of subscribers and press coverage of the event. On top of the trekking enthusiast of 45+, now a new group knows about Helinox. The perception changed from a high tech quality product to a lifestyle product.

Jorn Schakenraad

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