IKEA find space


People always seem to have a lack of storage space. However, they have a lot more options than they realize. Ikea has storage solutions for almost every room and spot in the house.


In order to point out where this storage space can be found and which solutions they have can easily be shown by looking in, under, on top of couches, beds and other furniture.

What did we do?

We in which two dice were leading. One had pre-positions on them and the other furniture. By trowing the dice online, you could find out which solutions were available for that specific situation.


In order two inform people about this unique insight we made a series of posters which showed new found storage space.

Real dice

People would receive card from which they could make their own dice or pick them up in IKEA or in bars/restaurants. This way they could ‘play with the space in their house’. A fun way to discover what your house has to offer in that area.

Interactive website, banners and more

On a interactive website you would see a room in 3d space with a layer on top on which the dice were projected. A simple throw would reveal the space in the room and the matching solutions. This principle was also applied in rich media banners. In the IKEA shops, tags and labels pointed out the storage solutions and the location in the shape of correctly paired dice.


The videos were send to the decision makers, who immediately had a better understanding of what Bikescout could mean to them. Afterwards they were presented with the report to support the actual benefits of the system. Interstate’s grew rapidly.

Jorn Schakenraad

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