De Wever is a Elderly Care organization with a shortage of staff. People think you might need a medical background but that is not the case. 



We should show people that if you care for people, you can probably get a job at The Wever.

What did we do?

We filmed a stuntman, dressed as an elderly person in the streets of the city. As he fel, people rushed to help him, or simply passed by. Luckily most people were quick to respond and in doing so, they were an inspiration for people who watched the video.

The message we wanted to convey: ‘Do you care or couldn’t you care less?’

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Viral videos

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High impact campaign

Quite literally. The campaign ran on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and besides the number of views, the number of click-throughs were also high. About 20%. During the retargeting phase the number of visitors on the website even rose to a mere 50,32%.

Jorn Schakenraad

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