How do you make car insurance fun? Insurance company Centraal Beheer wanted to change the perception of their car insurance and in particular the way they handle the aftermath.



In order to do so, we introduced a free service to people who had car troubles.

Because no matter how well a car is fixed, the mental dents and scratches are well overlooked.

To boost the drivers confidence we served them the best medicine possible: humor.

When they shared their story of their unfortunate event, they were treated to a personal car-toon.

4 easy steps

360 campaign

radio item

Evers staat op

listeners could share their story .


All cartoons together

More than 4500 cartoons.


Celeberty car accidents

Daley Blind received his share.

Car show

Cartoon service

Live cartoon making.

Case video

Over 140.000 euro worth of media attention

Since the cartoons could be shard on social media in order to win the title “car-toon” of the day, we managed to create lots of media attention for a relatively small budget.

Jorn Schakenraad

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